Skipping Ahead

Let’s skip ahead a little bit, shall we?

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Want to yourself or your children to learn Spanish?  How about Russian?  Inglés‎? Английски?  Well good news for you:  The bilingual versions of The Bear, the Box and the Boy should be coming out sometime in November!


Christmas and other various holidays are here!  The perfect time to buy a cute picture book with a heart-warming message.Only have a girl to buy for?  I hope to have you covered in time for Santa (or whoever) to deliver the goods, with my newest Children’s book! It’s already written, and it’s entitled, The Girl Who Knew She Was a Princess.   It’s about just that: a peasant girl who knew deep down that she was destined for greater.  She learns through her humorous journey that there is more to being a princess than jewels and dresses, and the story is an analogy for the fact that every girl is a true, beautiful princess.   Plus, it rhymes!!!  I’m extremely excited about this one, because it’s stinkin’ good, if I do say so myself.  But I may be a little overly optimistic when it comes to getting it done by mid-December.  It will take over 30 original works of watercolor art to fully illustrate, and each one has to meet the author’s strict standards.  We are each our own worst critic, right?  Anyway, I’m going to try.  If I don’t get it done by then, it will be done by April.Also done by April:

April, 2016:

Ok, the kids love the books, but what about you? You’re going to need something somewhat more substantial for yourself to read.  Well, I’m getting around to that too.  Full service.  For reals.

I am 65K+ words into my début novel.  It’s called Near-Life Experiences, and it’s even more amazing than its clever title.  Don’t steal it.  Not that you would. I’m just sayin’, I’m super excited about this as well.
I’ve had a hard time explaining it to people, because, like a lot of books, it sounds a lot more silly when you try to condense it into a few sentences.  Like if someone had never read Harry Potter, and you told them how amazing it was, and then tried to describe it.
        “So like, there’s this pre-teen orphan kid who like, is actually a wizard who can do magic, and he goes to school and learns how to do magic, and he has other friends, and they like, try to defeat the bad evil wizards together.”
        “Uh… yeah, awesome…”
So I finally forced myself to write the back-of-the-book blurb, which is supposed to be less than 150 words.  I got it down to exactly 150 words, and it was hard.  But here it is:

“Asher’s mortal life hadn’t even begun before he lost it.  Fearing failure, he chose to follow the insidious few who promised all the rewards of mortality without any risk.  Cast down to Earth for rebellion, Asher wanders as a spirit, unable to experience the world he helped create in a body of his own.  He is determined to find his friends, whenever they’re born, and protect them from the influence of his cunning peers.  Meanwhile, he must master the tactics of the opposition.  Will simple observation give Asher the strength he needs to defend his friends?  Will he succumb to the hateful malevolence consuming his miserable comrades, or will second-hand exposure to good and evil be enough to teach him that happiness is worth passing through sadness, that freedom is worth fighting for, and that a lifetime of loss is a small price to pay for a chance at love?”


Please let me know what you think in the comments below or via email if it sounds like something that might be interesting, or if you have questions, or if it makes no sense, or if it makes sense but it’s totally uninteresting.  Er, uninteresting-sounding, because it is interesting, got it? =)

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