Turning Halloween decorations into Autumn décor

20141031_184355We grew three whole pumpkins on our own this year, and one of them got pretty ginormous!  But I still couldn’t resist buying those cute little mini-pumpkins at the store.  I had some kind of half-formed plan to make a creative/funny scene using the large and small pumpkins (I was going to let Pinterest finish forming said plan), but I never got to it.  I made costumes instead.  So I set them out, kind of like in the picture (well, exactly like that, it’s a picture after all).

Here we are in November, and those little pumpkins look just as adorable.  They’ll last for some time yet, so I wanted to use them to Autumn up the house a little bit.  The kids were running around outside in gleeful circles as the Fall winds were blowing beautiful leaves all over the back yard.  I had them pick out a few beauties, stuck them with the pumpkins in the now-empty candy bowl, and voilà! An Autumn centrepiece!



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