Book Giveaway! Woohoo!

Well, today a few of you will benefit from my excited impatience!  With the help of a few wonderful translators and native Spanish-speaking reviewers, I am soooooo close to finishing the Spanish-English bilingual version of The Bear, the Box and the Boy!!!  I’m getting antsy, and I feel like I just have to announce something!  So here it goes:  Because I will have 5 books (or versions of books) available in print, I am giving away 5 copies of The Bear, the Box and the Boy or the Girl Who Knew She Was a Princess, in any available language, winners’ choice.  Use the ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon for a good preview of the books here.

Here’s how to enter:

1) Like (if you already do, thanks so much! Tag someone who doesn’t or share the Facebook giveaway post!)

2) Reply to the Facebook post with a word or phrase in Spanish.  Google Translate it if you have to =) 

That’s it!  I’ll random-generate the 5 winners (maybe more if I get a ton of entries!) after 9:00 PM Saturday the 13th of June, when I close the contest, and by which time I am hoping the Spanish-English Bilingual version will be available!


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