What do you think this story is about?

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I have had this picture in my head for a while now, but haven’t quite worked out the story that goes with it.  I have a few ideas jumping around my head, trying to make it big, but nothing’s standing out yet.  Luckily, I found an illustration contest that spurred me on and gave me the perfect excuse to get these guys out on paper.  Those of you who have been to my Etsy shop might recognize all three of these characters (and the tentacle in the background), who started out as miniature wearable art pendants, still available here: Etsy.com/shop/SkipperBay and the town is inspired by the UNESCO World Heritage site of Valparaiso, Chile- a fascinating and enchanting place to visit if you’re ever near!

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What does it look like this story is about to you?

taryn skipper illustration

16 thoughts on “What do you think this story is about?

  1. Wow! There’s all kinds of stuff going on here, Taryn, and lots of characters and details! I’d say there’s definitely a story in there somewhere! Nice job! Thanks so much for joining in the contest fun!

  2. SO
    A wealthy fox lady with disfiguring facial scarring is in love with the slightly eccentric town inventor. She is too ashamed of her looks to tell the inventor what she feels for him so she sends her servant boy to be his apprentice in order to learn more about him. One day, the lady decides to follow the inventor and his apprentice to the town’s Aerolocomotion Society meeting, where they’ll be proposing new ideas for flying machines. When the king’s pet krakken escapes from the moat and waves a threatening tentacle at the pair, the lady leaps from her hiding place in the bushes to rescue her beloved in the nick of time, and they fall in love.

  3. An Inventor and his apprentice, but the lady will play an important role in getting the project off and running! This has the feel of a Miyasaki story in watercolor – exciting! Good luck!

  4. Inventive Animals particularly Mr Fox and his friend with all the time in their idyllic world to create new ways of travelling, saving arthritis geese the job of flying and enjoying using odds and ends.
    What possibilities? they are endless.
    Great art.

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