Planning a Lego Birthday Party Extravaganza on a Budget

Ok, so extravaganza is probably a bit dramatic. This was really somewhere between a Pinterest win and and epic fail. Like Pinterest for Real People. Someone should start a website. Anyway when your guests are 4-6 years old, their expectations are cake/cupcakes and friends to play with. Anything else is above and beyond, so I say I outdid myself, and it didn’t take a lot of time or money. Here’s what I did, and OMGoodness did the kids have fun!

  1. Life-Sized Legos:  Easy Peasy. I gathered up all the boxes I could find and wrapped them in solid-colored wrapping paper, then drew quick circles on top. That’s it. Total success with the kids. As an added awesome, I bought green bubble wrap and duct taped it to the carpet (I know, classy!) to make it look like they were standing on a giant building plate. Plus they got to walk on bubble wrap. What more could a kid ask for?  The wrapping paper only covered 2-3 boxes per roll, so the uncovered boxes became instant brown Legos. The more boxes the merrier, I say. 20160521_140531 20160520_090538 (1)Sometimes you run out of wrapping paper and Thor and Spiderman get to make an appearance at the party.
  2. Lego-head plates and cups: I bought inexpensive yellow square plates and cups and drew on faces. If you’re not so into art, just two dots and a little curved mouth does the trick. I used some leftover bubble wrap to cover the table. I got the idea from this pin and this one. FYI, the permanent marker does not budge under fruit juice, but hot dog grease will smudge it. 20160520_184506 (1)
  3. Design Your Own Lego Mini-figure station: I printed out some blank Lego guys and put my container of old crayons out. Practically free and super easy.20160521_120317 (1)
  4. Lego cupcakes: I made a couple boxes worth of cupcakes, and of course bought the Funfetti icing with sprinkles. It’s a birthday party, after all. For the toppers I made lego gummies with my lego molds and used this amazingly simple tutorial.  20160521_133443 (2)
  5. Basement Build-Fest: This one was also totally free. I set out all our wooded train tracks, Lincoln Logs, and Duplos downstairs for the kids to build to their hearts’ content. I thought about including an actual Lego building station (setting out my son’s Lego table and Legos), but I foresaw great and uncontrollable chaos sure to ensue. And I’ve stepped on enough Legos for one lifetime. No more.
  6. Pin the face on the Lego head:  Ok actually this one got cut. I’m not a Pinterest Party Planner and I ran out of time, but I would have cut a large yellow head out of yellow poster board, and then cut eyes and mouths out of black poster board. You know the rest. Cost: $1.50. I think it would make for a few giggles, but they had so much fun even without it.
  7. Lego soaps party favors:  Michael’s has easy melt-and-pour glycerin soap base. I have coloring and bath/body-grade scents and essential oils for the yummy smell, so this was easy and cheap as well. One pack of soap made three small Lego soaps for each of the 18 cute party favor bags. Ok, off-brand zip-lock sandwich bags. We’re not that fancy, and as stated in the title, we had a budget.   The soaps actually looked and smelled a lot like the Lego gummies, so after a short internal debate about the pros and cons of letting the kids think they were edible, I made a clarifying announcement. It didn’t entirely work, as later I found a couple discarded Lego soap men with bitten off heads. Yum.

Add chips, air-popped popcorn, lemonade, and a sunny back yard, and you have yourself a party the kids will love!


As you can tell, I’m not a full-time party planner. To see the minifigure-scaled work I normally do, check out SkipperBay!




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