Taryn Skipper

Hello! I’m Taryn Skipper, artist, illustrator, writer, and creator of whatever whim strikes my fancy any given day.  Whether it’s a painting, an attempt at sewing a pattern or following a recipe, a picture book, a novel, a website or a gigantic mess, I am always busy making something.   My two imaginative and busy kids love to help me with that last one.

When I’m not making something beautiful, I make a fool of myself in Zumba class and make other people winners of board games.

I also enjoy making music music and co-chair an orchestra in which I play Euphonium.

Right now I’m editing a novel manuscript to make it ready for querying, and I have three other ideas just bursting to become books.  I also have a couple potential illustration projects on the horizon, which I’ll post here in turn!

See my hand-painted wearable art, mini paintings and watercolor portraits at Skipper Bay (I accept commissions!)

For more information or for inquiries regarding author/illustrator Taryn Skipper or author Dan McQueen, please send an email to taryn@skipperbooks.com

Thank you!