Sneak Preview: The Girl Who Knew She Was a Princess
I am extremely excited for my next book to be out very soon!  This one is a very cute, rhyming
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Turning Halloween decorations into Autumn décor
We grew three whole pumpkins on our own this year, and one of them got pretty ginormous!  But I still
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熊,箱子,和男孩 (Xióng, Xiāngzi, hé Nánhái): The bilingual Chinese version is here!
Get the Chinese Bilingual Version here! Learn Chinese!  Well OK, maybe you’ll need at least a few basics before
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Skipping Ahead
Let’s skip ahead a little bit, shall we? (go to: Bilingual editions * the princess book * my new novel)
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Introducing: The Bear, the Box and the Boy
English-Only and Bilingual versions available at: Amazon:  ENGLISH  |  SPANISH  |  RUSSIAN  | CHINESE Barnes and Nobel: ENGLISH  |  SPANISH  |  RUSSIAN
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Stepping up the Laundry Game
In our house there’s a game that presents itself far too often called ‘Mud, Poo, or Chocolate?’   There is
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