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All three of my books in the Lucille Packard (Stanford) Children’s Hospital gift shop! The middle one is in Spanish and sold right away, but I’m filling an order for more, so check back soon! (donation to the hospital)! My books are carried in two other book stores, but any book store can order them, so ask for them in your local store  They’re also available online at Barnes and Nobel and Amazon. 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have a couple potential illustration projects coming up and I’ve been editing a novel I wrote. I’ll update you on the status of that book, called Near-Life Experience, as things get moving!


Say Hola to the Spanish Bilingual Version!

bb 1 cover better face SPANISH For language learning, in general, I’m a fan of the immersion method, which means no English. Even if you are communicating in mostly gestures and pictures, I feel like it’s a great way to start thinking right away in the acquired language, and not be constantly translating in your head. However, I’m also a lover of all things grammar, syntax, and semantics-related, and I do love me a good side-by-side comparison.  Translation is an entirely different skill from learned-language communication, reading, or writing, so every method has its merit.

This, like the Chinese and Russian bilingual versions before it, is a side-by-side Spanish and English picture book, wonderful for a bilingual child, or anyone who wants to learn more grammar or even just a few words. There is a vocabulary list in the back, and the English right next to the Spanish makes it feel less intimidating to jump right in and try.  The repetition in the story line helps in memorization of new words or grammatical patterns, and children love being able to predict some of what will happen next. As an adult, I know I appreciate simple language when trying to learn a new one.

El Oso, la Caja y el Niño / The Bear, the Box and the Boy is available on Amazon here (, or you can contact me through my Etsy shop, for a signed copy (soon to be listed in the store)

Schools may order this or any of my English or Bilingual books at a discount, please email me at

As always, feel free to contact me at with any other questions or for larger orders.

Book Giveaway! Woohoo!

Well, today a few of you will benefit from my excited impatience!  With the help of a few wonderful translators and native Spanish-speaking reviewers, I am soooooo close to finishing the Spanish-English bilingual version of The Bear, the Box and the Boy!!!  I’m getting antsy, and I feel like I just have to announce something!  So here it goes:  Because I will have 5 books (or versions of books) available in print, I am giving away 5 copies of The Bear, the Box and the Boy or the Girl Who Knew She Was a Princess, in any available language, winners’ choice.  Use the ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon for a good preview of the books here.

Here’s how to enter:

1) Like (if you already do, thanks so much! Tag someone who doesn’t or share the Facebook giveaway post!)

2) Reply to the Facebook post with a word or phrase in Spanish.  Google Translate it if you have to =) 

That’s it!  I’ll random-generate the 5 winners (maybe more if I get a ton of entries!) after 9:00 PM Saturday the 13th of June, when I close the contest, and by which time I am hoping the Spanish-English Bilingual version will be available!


Медвежонок, Коробка и Мальчик (the Bear book in Russian) available now!

bb 1 cover better face RUSSIAN FOR OLYA

That’s about it, no fancy posting here, just the awesome fact that the Russian Bilingual version of The Bear, the Box and the Boy (Медвежонок, Коробка и Мальчик) is available for purchase and study!  The book includes Russian and English side-by-side text, as well as a Russian pronunciation guide and vocab list in the back of the book.  Check it out on Amazon here!


熊,箱子,和男孩 (Xióng, Xiāngzi, hé Nánhái): The bilingual Chinese version is here!

Get the Chinese Bilingual Version here!

Learn Chinese!  bb 1 cover better face CHINESE BILINGUAL smaller

Well OK, maybe you’ll need at least a few basics before you delve right in.  So learn Chinese a little bit, and then use this book for practice and vocabulary.  Who knows, maybe you’ve got a knack for languages and will be translating court cases after you master the bear’s adventures.  Maybe you’re a Chinese immigrant or visitor who would like your children to retain their language skills.  Or maybe you think it’s fun to look at funny-looking scratch marks and read the pinyin.  Whatever your motivation, I hope you will enjoy the new Chinese-English bilingual edition of The Bear, the Box and the Boy, available now!

This edition features a short glossary/vocab list, and the English pronunciation (pinyin) beside the Chinese characters.

Thank you to Kasey in China for the wonderful translation, native-speaking editors and assistants, and incredible turn-around time!

Spanish and Russian bilingual editions are also in the works!


Introducing: The Bear, the Box and the Boy

bb 1 cover better face smallerEnglish-Only and Bilingual versions available at:


Barnes and Nobel: ENGLISH  |  SPANISH  |  RUSSIAN  | CHINESE

Etsy (for signed copies): ENGLISH  |  SPANISH  |  RUSSIAN  | CHINESE

Lulu (hardcover, English only)

The bear and the boy played all day long until they fell asleep inside their box. When the bear woke up, the boy was gone. Follow the bear as he travels through the boy’s imagination in their magic box. In his search for the boy, the bear learns to follow his heart.

 The Bear, the Box and the Boy is version 627.5-E of the ever-evolving bedtime story I have been telling my son, from the age of about 2 years old to the present time.  He loves his bedtime stories, especially the ones where he gets to travel to far-off and adventuresome lands.  He has to have his stuffed animals, which he calls “friends,” come along, and snuggles with them when they all return to the bed safe and sound for the night.

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Enjoy, and thank you for your interest in Skipper Books!
-Taryn Skipper