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The Girl and the Ocean, by Lisa DeJong, Illustrated by Taryn Skipper

Written by Lisa DeJong, this love letter to the Ocean about a girl who grew up visiting the ocean every day, but then had to move away, is illustrated in traditional watercolor by Taryn Skipper. 



A beautiful book that is clearly written from the heart! The picture dictionary at the end of the book engages kids in learning and plants the seeds for their own love of the ocean! This would make a great gift for children and grandchildren! A must-have for all Airbnb or VBRO rentals on or near the ocean!


This is such a sweet, fun and beautiful book. The story got me a bit teary-eyed at the end in the best possible way. The illustration is BEAUTIFUL and as an unexpected bonus there’s a glossary of all the flora and fauna in the book!