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The Girl Who Knew She was a Princess

This little girl just knows she’s a princess. She’can’t wait to prove her royal status to the world, and to herself. Along her path to the castle, she discovers what it means to be a princess and that she, like every little girl, has been a true princess all along.

I wrote this story with my 2-year-old daughter and 4-year-old niece in mind, and girls up to age 8 would enjoy the rhyming story. It flowed out of my fingertips one Sunday afternoon when the idea struck.

Many little girls love to dress up in beautiful dresses and give orders to their plushy loyal servants, but what I want for my girls most is that they understand that they are already real, true princesses. This book is unique among the princess genre in that it provides inspiration by combining the popular subject matter with a message of encouragement for girls to be who they are. They don’t have to settle for society’s definition of what a princess is. Instead of fancy dresses, servants and attention from princes, a true princess focuses on inner beauty, service, and individual worth.

This book has a mild, non-denominational religious undertone, as it implies that all little girls are princesses because they are daughters of the King. It is not preachy or in-your-face, but funny and uplifting.

I hope you and your little girls enjoy the rhyme, as well as the search for the five animal friends who make an appearance somewhere in most of the illustrations.

The paper doll cut-out section in the back provides a two-in-one gift, and a fun guardian/child project.

If you have purchased the book and need replacement doll pages (a complimentary PDF file), please email [email protected].