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Say Hola to the Spanish-English Bilginual edition of The Bear, the Box and the Boy: El Oso, la Caja y el Niño

I taught English as a Learned Language and tutored Russian. For language learning, in general, I’m a fan of the immersion method, which means no English. Even if you are communicating in mostly gestures and pictures, I feel like it’s a great way to start thinking right away in the acquired language, and not be constantly translating in your head.

However, I’m also a lover of all things grammar, syntax, and semantics-related, and I do love me a good side-by-side comparison.  Translation is an entirely different skill from learned-language communication, reading, or writing, so every method has merit.

This is a side-by-side Spanish and English picture book, wonderful for a bilingual child, or anyone who wants to learn more grammar or even just a few words. There is a vocabulary list in the back.  The repetition in the storyline helps in memorization of new words or grammatical patterns, and children love being able to predict some of what will happen next. As an adult, I appreciate simple language when trying to learn a new one.