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I write YA sci-fi and fantasy, and I’m nearing the beta/editing phases on an amazing Women’s Fiction manuscript, which I can hardly wait to talk about! I’d love to blab your ears off about all of my manuscripts, so if you want to keep up on book news, sign up for my newsletter on the home page.

For now, I’ll tell you about this one:

Between Tungsten and Gold: This YA near-future sci-fi won the Storymakers first chapter contest for its genre, and which has become a finalist in the Aurura Contest in the YA category.

Hacker Alyona prefers the term “reverse engineering” to what her sister calls “taking things apart and leaving them all over,” and she’d choose the company of hardware to that of most people. She’s coerced into using her skills for politics when rebels kidnap her only friend and force her to hack into the government networks to steal teleportation data. She refuses to be manipulated like some socially-engineered n00b. She steals her friend back herself and finds enough dirt on the government and the rebels alike to take them all down, along with a cover-up surrounding her parents’ “accidental” death in the lab as they pushed the teleportation tech to its limit. Alyona can deconstruct anything, but if she’d like to escape the target on her back and find the truth about her parents, she’ll have to go against her instincts and put together a team to attempt a daring data heist.

I’m seeking representation for this novel. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Picture Books

*UPDATE!* I’ve completed the updated illustrations for the Princess book, along with a couple of meter edits. 

*UPDATE!* I have the Spider book story edited with some cute additions, and reillustrated!


The picture books I wrote (excluding The GIrl and the Ocean, which I illustrated for a friend over Covid) were gifts for my children, which I made back in 2013. I never indended to market them, but they were an absolute joy to create. I remade the spider and princess books for a 10th anniversary edition in 2023/2024 and I’ve got a couple more up my sleeve!